Integrity, Trust, and Transparency

Pamet Advisors helps individuals and families grow and preserve their wealth.

Pamet Advisors LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor based in Truro, Massachusetts.  We adhere to the fiduciary standard and always put our clients’ interests first.

We work with individuals and families who are seeking a trusted advisor who can help them both with their investment portfolios and with major financial decisions.

We offer managed accounts, recommending Charles Schwab & Co, Inc. as the investment platform and custodian to hold client assets.  Clients have 24/7 online access to their accounts and receive regular statements directly from Schwab.

We also assist clients with financial planning needs including retirement, estate and education planning.

We employ a long term, low cost, value-based investment strategy with asset allocations that are based on each client’s specific goals, with risk tolerance and time horizon in mind.  Markets can be volatile in the short term but over longer term periods have shown consistently steady positive returns.  Keeping costs low has proven to be a major advantage for investors over the long term as fees (from both advisors and funds) can be remarkably costly over time.

In addition to tailoring asset allocation plans and portfolios to our clients’ specific needs, we work closely with clients to keep their emotions in check during times of market volatility, and re-balance portfolios annually to stay on course with their plan.

Pamet Advisors follows the Code of Professional Conduct defined by the CFA Institute. Our Form ADV, is registered with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.